Sample SaleIf you live in Charlotte, love Towne & Reese and look forward to a great deal, you're in luck!

Next Wednesday we're hosting our bi-annual Sample Sale and everything is $5-$15. 

Save the date, plan on bringing cash (no credit cards or personal checks accepted, sorry) and join us any time between 10am-8pm at our office located at 214 W. Tremont Avenue, Suite 303.

Based on Sample Sales we've had in the past, we suggest arriving early - but please know, we won't open the doors or start the sale until 10 am. 

Because we do not have a storefront and the sale will be held inside of our office building, PLEASE PARK ACROSS THE STREET in the old warehouse lot on the LEFT side of the fence only, not blocking neighborhing businesses or you may be towed. 

We look forward to seeing you guys!

The top 5 most frequently asked questions about our Sample Sales 

Will you have a Sample Sale in any other cities? We would love to, but none are planned at this time. Our only Sample Sale on the calendar right now is Wednesday, April 17 in Charlotte. 

Is there any other way to buy samples from you? Currently, the only way to purchase Towne & Reese samples is to attend one of our Sample Sales. 

What accessories will I find at one of your Sample Sales? The items we offer during our Sample Sale are overstock items, Sales Rep samples, accessories left over from season's past, and some with irregularities.  

What should I bring to the sale? Patience to look through the bins, cash to make your purchases and a friend who can help you carry your loot! 

How do I find out about future Towne & Reese sales? We announce all of our sales (Sample Sales included) online. So if you are a fan of ours on Facebook, a newsletter subscriber, or follower on Twitter, you'll hear the news first!